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над- (nad-) (надо- (nado-) is used before certain consonant clusters)

  1. (takes verbs, produces verbs) to extend, add
  2. (takes verbs, produces verbs) to apply action or measure
    надзира́ть (nadzirátʹ)nadzirátʹ (nadzirátʹ)to oversee
  3. (takes verbs, produces verbs) to apply action in incomplete manner
    надкусить (nadkusitʹ)nadkusitʹ (nadkusitʹ)(please add an English translation of this usage example)
  4. (takes verbs, produces verbs) super-
    писа́ть (pisátʹ)pisátʹ (pisátʹ)to write
    надписа́ть (nadpisátʹ)nadpisátʹ (nadpisátʹ)to superscribe, to inscribe
  5. (takes nouns and adjective, produces nouns and adjective)
    надво́дный (nadvódnyj)nadvódnyj (nadvódnyj)above-water