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-ие (-ije)

  1. Abstract noun suffix; forms part of larger suffixes such as -е́ние (-énije), -а́ние (-ánije), -тие (-tije), and exists on its own especially as a suffix added to compound words.
    много- (mnogo-, many) + о́браз (óbraz, image)многообра́зие (mnogoobrázije, variety, diversity)
    ма́ло- (málo-, little) + дух (dux, courage)малоду́шие (malodúšije, cowardice)
    пло́ско- (plósko-, flat) + стопа́ (stopá, foot)плоскосто́пие (ploskostópije, flatfoot (medical condition))
    само- (samo-, self) + люби́ть (ljubítʹ, to love)самолю́бие (samoljúbije, self-esteem, self-respect)
    со- (so-, con-) + звезда́ (zvezdá, star)созве́здие (sozvézdije, constellation)

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