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на- ‎(na-)

  1. (used with verbs) onto, upon
    идти́‎ ― idtí ― to go
    найти́‎ ― najtí ― to find (lit., to come upon)
  2. (used with verbs) to repletion, to satiation, to the full, enough, too much
    пить‎ ― pitʹ ― to drink
    напи́ться‎ ― napítʹsja ― to drink to the full; to quench one’s thirst; to get drunk
  3. (used with verbs) a quantity of, a lot of
    покупа́ть‎ ― pokupátʹ ― to buy
    накупа́ть книг‎ ― nakupátʹ knig ― to buy a quantity of books, a lot of books