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See also: чьё, че, чэ, -че, and ће


Alternative forms[edit]

  • чо (čo)
  • шо (šo)Southern European Russia, Ukraine


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чё (čo)

  1. (nonstandard, low colloquial, proscribed) Contraction of чего́ (čevó).
    Спроси́ у неё, чё ей на́до.
    Sprosí u nejó, čó jej nádo.
    Ask her what she wants.
  2. (nonstandard, low colloquial, proscribed) Contraction of что (što).
    Ну чё, пойдём?
    Nu čó, pojdjóm?
    Well (so what), let's go?
    Чё, серьёзно?
    Čó, serʹjózno?
    What, seriously?

Usage notes[edit]

  • The term is seldom used in formal writing, but relatively regularly in texting.
  • The term can only replace the interrogative pronoun, not the conjunction что (što).