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с- (s-) +‎ проси́ть (prosítʹ)


  • IPA(key): [sprɐˈsʲitʲ]
  • (file)


спроси́ть (sprosítʹpf (imperfective спра́шивать)

  1. to ask, to inquire (with person in accusative case or у (u) + person in genitive case)
    Де́вушка спроси́ла меня́, где здесь авто́бусная остано́вкаDévuška sprosíla menjá, gde zdesʹ avtóbusnaja ostanóvkaThe girl asked me where there was a bus stop near here.
    Мне на́до спроси́ть у неё о мое́й сестре́.Mne nádo sprosítʹ u nejó o mojéj sestré.I have to ask her about my sister.
  2. to ask for, to request, to demand (with у (u) + person in genitive case + noun in accusative case or genitive case)
    Я спроси́л у них кни́гу.Ja sprosíl u nix knígu.I asked them for a book.
    У него́ спроси́ли биле́т.U nevó sprosíli bilét.He was asked for a ticket.
    Я хоте́ла спроси́ть у вас сове́т.Ja xotéla sprosítʹ u vas sovét.I wanted to ask you for advice.
  3. to call to account, to hold accountable, to make answer (for), to confront, to challenge, to question (with с (s) + person in genitive case + за (za) + thing being held accountable for in accusative case)
    С него́ стро́го спро́сят за э́то.S nevó strógo sprósjat za éto.He'll be rigorously questioned for this.



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