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Classical Syriac[edit]


From ܡܕܒܪܢܐ ‎(m(ə)ḏabb(ə)rānā(ʾ), leader), from the root ܕ-ܒ-ܪ (IPA(key): /d-b-r/) related to leading + the abstract noun ending ܘܬܐ- ‎(-ūṯā(ʾ)).


  • IPA(key): [m(ə)ðabb(ə)rɑnuθɑ(ʔ)] (singular)
  • IPA(key): [m(ə)ðabb(ə)rɑnwɑθɑ(ʔ)] (plural)


ܡܕܒܪܢܘܬܐ ‎(transliteration neededf ‎(plural ܡܕܒܪܢܘܬܐ)

  1. direction, steering
  2. guidance, leadership
  3. stewardship, management
  4. administration, government, authority, rule, power
  5. province, prefecture
  6. instruction, principles
  7. way of life
  8. plan, course, action
  9. fate, destiny
  10. (theology) divine economy
  11. foresight, prudence, providence
  12. (used with possessive suffixes as a title) Excellency, Excellence



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