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From Anglo-Norman providence, Middle French providence, and their source, Latin prōvidentia ‎(providence, foresight), from the present participle of prōvidēre ‎(to provide).



providence ‎(countable and uncountable, plural providences)

  1. (now rare) Preparation for the future; good governance, foresight. [from 14th c.]
  2. The careful governance and guidance of god (or another deity, nature etc.). [from 14th c.]
  3. A manifestation of divine care or direction; an instance of divine intervention. [from 16th c.]
    • 1971, Keith Thomas, Religion and the Decline of Magic, Folio Society 2012, p. 91:
      The idea was that a complete list of fully documented providences should be compiled as a cooperative venture which would cross denominational barriers.
  4. Specifically, the prudent care and management of resources; thriftiness, frugality. [from 17th c.]
    His providence in saving for his old age is exemplary.


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providence f ‎(nominative singular providence)

  1. providence (manifestation of divine care or direction)