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Alternative forms[edit]

जयंत (jayaṃta)


जयन्त (jayantam

  1. the moon.
  2. Name of a ध्रुवक, शिव.
  3. Name of a son of इन्द्र.
  4. Name of a रुद्र.
  5. Name of a son of धर्म (= उपेन्द्र).
  6. Name of अ-क्रूर's father.
  7. Name of a गन्धर्व (विक्रमादित्य's father).
  8. Name of भीम-सेन at विराट's court.
  9. Name of a minister of दशरथ.
  10. Name of a गौड king.
  11. Name of a Kashmir Brahman.
  12. Name of a writer on grammar.
  13. Name of a mountain.


जयन्त (jayantan

  1. Name of a town.
  2. Sesbania sesban (syn. Sesbania aegyptiaca L.) or some other species of Sesbania.
  3. barley planted at the commencement of the दश-हरा and gathered at its close.
  4. कृष्ण's birthnight (the 8th of the dark half of श्रावण, the asterism रोहिणी rising at midnight.)
  5. the 9th night of the कर्म-मास.
  6. the 12th night of month पुनर्-वसु.
  7. दुर्गा, दाक्षायणी (in हस्तिना-पुर; tutelary deity of the वसूद्रेकs)
  8. Name of a daughter of इन्द्र.
  9. Name of ऋषभ's wife (received from इन्द्र).
  10. Name of a योगिनी.
  11. Name of a सुराङ्गना.
  12. Name of a river.
  13. Name of a country.
  14. Name of a town.


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