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Borrowed from Sanskrit पुरुष (púruṣa).


पुरुष (puruṣm (Urdu spelling پرش)

  1. man, male
    यह स्नानघर केवल पुरुषों के लिए है।
    yah snānghar keval puruṣõ ke lie hai.
    This bathroom is for men only.
    पुरुष की तरह लड़ो!
    puruṣ kī tarah laṛo!
    Fight like a man!
  2. person
    अनेक पुरुष भवन के बाहर हैं।
    anek puruṣ bhavan ke bāhar hain.
    Many persons are outside the building.


Also see Thesaurus:मनुष्य.


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Borrowed from Sanskrit पुरुष (puruṣa)


पुरुष (puruṣm

  1. man, male
  2. person


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पुरुष (púruṣam

  1. man, male, human being
  2. person, officer, functionary, attendant, servant
  3. friend
  4. a follower of Samkhya
  5. a member or representative of a race or generation
  6. the height or measure of a man
  7. the pupil of the eye
  8. the primaeval man as the soul and original source of the universe
  9. the personal and animating principle in men and other beings, the soul or spirit
  10. the Supreme Being or Soul of the universe
  11. the Spirit as passive and a spectator of the creative force (prakṛti)
  12. the "spirit" or fragrant exhalation of plants
  13. name of the divine or active principles from the minute portions of which the universe was formed
  14. name of a metrical foot in the mahanamni verses
  15. name of the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th signs of the zodiac
  16. name of one of the 18 attendants of the sun L.
  17. name of the Brahmans of the Krauncha or "mountain" dvipa
  18. Rottleria Tinctoria, probably Mallotus philippensis
  19. Clerodendrum phlomidis


Masculine a-stem declension of पुरुष
Nom. sg. पुरुषः (puruṣaḥ)
Gen. sg. पुरुषस्य (puruṣasya)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative पुरुषः (puruṣaḥ) पुरुषौ (puruṣau) पुरुषाः (puruṣāḥ)
Vocative पुरुष (puruṣa) पुरुषौ (puruṣau) पुरुषाः (puruṣāḥ)
Accusative पुरुषम् (puruṣam) पुरुषौ (puruṣau) पुरुषान् (puruṣān)
Instrumental पुरुषेण (puruṣeṇa) पुरुषाभ्याम् (puruṣābhyām) पुरुषैः (puruṣaiḥ)
Dative पुरुषाय (puruṣāya) पुरुषाभ्याम् (puruṣābhyām) पुरुषेभ्यः (puruṣebhyaḥ)
Ablative पुरुषात् (puruṣāt) पुरुषाभ्याम् (puruṣābhyām) पुरुषेभ्यः (puruṣebhyaḥ)
Genitive पुरुषस्य (puruṣasya) पुरुषयोः (puruṣayoḥ) पुरुषाणाम् (puruṣāṇām)
Locative पुरुषे (puruṣe) पुरुषयोः (puruṣayoḥ) पुरुषेषु (puruṣeṣu)