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From *pl̥th₂us, *pleth₂os. Compare Avestan pǝrǝʮu, Ancient Greek πλατύς ‎(platús), Old Armenian յաղթ ‎(yałtʿ).


पृथु ‎(pṛthú)

  1. broad, wide, expansive, extensive, spacious, large
  2. great, important
  3. ample, abundant
  4. copious, numerous , manifold
  5. prolix, detailed
  6. smart, clever, dexterous



पृथु ‎(pṛthúm

  1. a particular measure of length
  2. fire
  3. name of Shiva
  4. name of one of the viśve devās
  5. name of a dānava
  6. name of a son of An-enas
  7. name of a vṛṣṇi and son of Citraka
  8. name of a son of Citra-ratha
  9. name of a descendant of ikṣvāku (son of an-araṇya and father of tri-śaṅku)
  10. name of a son of Para
  11. name of a son of Prastāra
  12. name of a son of Rucaka
  13. name of a son of one of the Manus
  14. name of one of the Saptarshis
  15. name of a son of vaṭe*śvara (father of viśākha-datta)
  16. name of a son of veṇa
  17. name of a monkey
  18. opium



पृथु ‎(pṛthuf

  1. (botany) Nigella indica