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Etymology 1[edit]

प्र- (pra, in front of) +‎ ज्ञ (√jñā, to know)


प्रज्ञा (prajñā)

  1. feminine singular nominative of प्रज्ञ (prajña)


प्रज्ञा (prajñāf

  1. wisdom, intelligence, knowledge, judgement (ŚBr.)
  2. plan, method (ŚBr., ŚāṅkhŚr.)
  3. a clever or sensible woman (W.)
  4. Wisdom personified as a goddess, Saraswati (L.)
  5. one of the enumerated शक्ति (śakti, energy)
  6. (Buddhism) transcendental wisdom (MWB.)
  7. the energy of Adi-Buddha (MWB.)
Feminine ā-stem declension of प्रज्ञा
Nom. sg. प्रज्ञा (prajñā)
Gen. sg. प्रज्ञायाः (prajñāyāḥ)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative प्रज्ञा (prajñā) प्रज्ञे (prajñe) प्रज्ञाः (prajñāḥ)
Vocative प्रज्ञे (prajñe) प्रज्ञे (prajñe) प्रज्ञाः (prajñāḥ)
Accusative प्रज्ञाम् (prajñām) प्रज्ञे (prajñe) प्रज्ञाः (prajñāḥ)
Instrumental प्रज्ञया (prajñayā) प्रज्ञाभ्याम् (prajñābhyām) प्रज्ञाभिः (prajñābhiḥ)
Dative प्रज्ञायै (prajñāyai) प्रज्ञाभ्याम् (prajñābhyām) प्रज्ञाभ्यः (prajñābhyaḥ)
Ablative प्रज्ञायाः (prajñāyāḥ) प्रज्ञाभ्याम् (prajñābhyām) प्रज्ञाभ्यः (prajñābhyaḥ)
Genitive प्रज्ञायाः (prajñāyāḥ) प्रज्ञयोः (prajñayoḥ) प्रज्ञानाम् (prajñānām)
Locative प्रज्ञायाम् (prajñāyām) प्रज्ञयोः (prajñayoḥ) प्रज्ञासु (prajñāsu)

Etymology 2[edit]


प्रज्ञा (prajñā)

Derived terms[edit]


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