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From the root सीव्यति ‎(sīvyati, to sew), and connected with सूचि ‎(sūci) and सूना ‎(sūnā). May have the same Indo-European root as English word "suture."


सूत्र ‎(sū́tran

  1. thread, yarn, string, line, cord, wire
  2. a measuring line
    सूत्रपात ‎(sū́tra-pāta) — applying the measuring line
  3. the sacred thread or cord worn by the first three classes (compare यज्ञोपवीत ‎(yajño-pavīta))
  4. a girdle
  5. a fibre
  6. a line, stroke
  7. a sketch, plan
  8. that which like a thread runs through or holds together everything, rule, direction
  9. a short sentence or aphoristic rule, and any work or manual consisting of strings of such rules; hanging together like threads; or, alternatively, written on palm leaves which are strung together sutra
  10. a kind of tree


Neuter a-stem declension of सूत्र
Nom. sg. सूत्रम् ‎(sūtram)
Gen. sg. सूत्रस्य ‎(sūtrasya)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative सूत्रम् ‎(sūtram) सूत्रे ‎(sūtre) सूत्राणि ‎(sūtrāṇi)
Vocative सूत्र ‎(sūtra) सूत्रे ‎(sūtre) सूत्राणि ‎(sūtrāṇi)
Accusative सूत्रम् ‎(sūtram) सूत्रे ‎(sūtre) सूत्राणि ‎(sūtrāṇi)
Instrumental सूत्रेण ‎(sūtreṇa) सूत्राभ्याम् ‎(sūtrābhyām) सूत्रैः ‎(sūtraiḥ)
Dative सूत्रा ‎(sūtrā) सूत्राभ्याम् ‎(sūtrābhyām) सूत्रेभ्यः ‎(sūtrebhyaḥ)
Ablative सूत्रात् ‎(sūtrāt) सूत्राभ्याम् ‎(sūtrābhyām) सूत्रेभ्यः ‎(sūtrebhyaḥ)
Genitive सूत्रस्य ‎(sūtrasya) सूत्रयोः ‎(sūtrayoḥ) सूत्राणाम् ‎(sūtrāṇām)
Locative सूत्रे ‎(sūtre) सूत्रयोः ‎(sūtrayoḥ) सूत्रेषु ‎(sūtreṣu)


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