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_ U+005F, _
Basic Latin `
_ U+FF3F, _

Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms


Blinking cursor example.



_ (English symbol name underscore or underline)

  1. Used to indicate a space to be filled in. Often, the symbol is used repeatedly to form a longer line.
    Age: __ Gender: _
    Sign here: _________________________________ Date: __________
  2. (mathematics, in plain text) Separates a symbol with a subscript character, representing a variant of the base symbol.
    Force is denoted with F. Centripetal force is denoted with Fc which may be written as F_c.
  3. (computing) Used to represent what would normally be a space ] [ in computing.
    My email address is jon_smith@example.com.
    1. Used as a cursor to indicate a place where text can be typed. On visual display units, the underscore may be made to blink.
      MS-DOS prompt: C:\>_
    2. (programming) Especially as a prefix: used to denote a special identifier such as a global or private variable or a reserved symbol.

Derived terms

  • _ _ (encloses text for emphasis)

See also




Punctuation mark



  1. (nonstandard) Used to separate multiple gendered inflections in gender-neutral writing.
    Synonym: *
    Coordinate term: -In (with Binnen-I)
    Freund_innen; ein_e Beamt_er_in
    friends (of any gender); an officer (of any gender)