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The cuneiform characters Unicode displays by default do not accurately represent the original script. To view the correct characters install the correct fonts at www.hethport.uni-wuerzburg.de.

Alternative forms[edit]


From Proto-Indo-European *átta (father). Cognate with Latin atta, Ancient Greek ἄττα (átta), Gothic 𐌰𐍄𐍄𐌰 (atta), Old Church Slavonic отьць (otĭcĭ).


𒀜𒋫𒀸 (attaš)

  1. father


Phonemic transcription (IPA)
Common gender Singular Plural
nominative ˈatːas ˈatːɛs, ˈatːis
vocative ˈatːi, ˈatːa
accusative ˈatːan ˈatːɔs
genitive ˈatːas ˈatːas, ˈatːan
dative-locative ˈatːi ˈatːas
allative ˈatːa
ablative ˈatːat͡s ˈatːat͡s
instrumental ˈatːitː ˈatːitː
The IPA values given in this table are reconstructed.
Broad transcription
Common gender Singular Plural
nominative attaš attiēš
vocative atti, atta
accusative attan attuš
genitive attaš attaš, attan
dative-locative atti attaš
allative atta
ablative attaz(a) attaz(a)
instrumental attit attit
Common gender Singular Plural
nominative at-ta-aš at-ti-e-eš
vocative at-ta, at-ti
accusative at-ta-an at-tu-uš
genitive at-ta-aš at-ta-aš, at-ta-an
dative-locative at-ti at-ta-aš
allative at-ta
ablative at-ta-az at-ta-az
instrumental at-ti-it at-ti-it
Common gender Singular Plural
nominative 𒀜𒋫𒀸 𒀜𒋾𒂊𒌍
vocative 𒀜𒋫, 𒀜𒋾
accusative 𒀜𒋫𒀭 𒀜𒌅𒍑
genitive 𒀜𒋫𒀸 𒀜𒋫𒀸, 𒀜𒋫𒀭
dative-locative 𒀜𒋾 𒀜𒋫𒀸
allative 𒀜𒋫
ablative 𒀜𒋫𒊍 𒀜𒋫𒊍
instrumental 𒀜𒋾𒀉 𒀜𒋾𒀉

Derived terms[edit]


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