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  1. like, -like, -ly; -ish; as if, as though; in the way of
  2. Used to form adverbs from nouns and adjectives.
    yavaş (slow) + ‎-ça → ‎yavaşça (slowly)
  3. -ish: Used to form languages from a demonym/nationality.
    Rus (Russian person) + ‎-ça → ‎Rusça (Russian language) (literally "like a Russian")
  4. -ian, -ese: Used to form languages from the name of a country or region.
    Asturyas (Asturias) + ‎-ça → ‎Asturyasça (Asturian language)

Usage notes[edit]

  • It's used when the nationality word's last vowel is one of "a", "ı", "o" or "u" and the last consonant is one of "f", "s", "t", "k", "ç", "ş", "h", or "p"
  • It can become -ce, -ca, -çe according to the last vowel and the last consonant of the word.

Derived terms[edit]