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The letter M in Morse code.

Morse code dash.svgMorse code dash.svg

  1. Visual rendering of Morse code for M.

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Punctuation mark[edit]


  1. Informal form of (en dash), or (em dash), in use due to technical restrictions or convenience of entry.
    • 2001 November 20, Dane Martin, “Re: I'm skipping school today...”, in alt.litterbox, Usenet[1], message-ID <20011120152118.09919.00000942@mb-fh.aol.com>:
      I'm telling you -- the hobos! THE HOBOS!



  1. (programming) Decrement by 1 in certain programming languages such as C and Java.
  2. (programming) Starts a single-line comment in some programming languages, including Ada, Haskell and Lua, as well as some query languages.
    if pizza == "plain cheese" -- Checks if pizza is "plain cheese".
    SELECT id, name, birth_date -- Selects fields from a table.