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Punctuation mark[edit]


  1. Informal form of (en dash), or (em dash), in use due to technical restrictions or convenience of entry.
    • 1987, "Armageddon Now!", Classic X-Men #15
      Seven mutants -- gifted (though many might say cursed) at birth with powers that set them forever apart from the mainstream of humanity, too often feared and hated by those who they have sworn to protect -- banded together by Charles Xavier and sent forth to play the role of heroes.
    • 2001 November 20, Dane Martin, “Re: I'm skipping school today...”, in alt.litterbox, Usenet[1], message-ID <20011120152118.09919.00000942@mb-fh.aol.com>:
      I'm telling you -- the hobos! THE HOBOS!



  1. (programming) Decrement by 1 in certain programming languages such as C and Java.
  2. (programming) Starts a single-line comment in some programming languages, including Ada, Haskell and Lua, as well as some query languages.
    if pizza == "plain cheese" -- Checks if pizza is "plain cheese".
    SELECT id, name, birth_date -- Selects fields from a table.



The letter M in Morse code.

Morse code dash.svgMorse code dash.svg

  1. Visual rendering of Morse code for M.

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