Appendix:Finnish impersonal verbs

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These verbs may also be called monopersonal, since only the third-person singular forms of these verbs are used. The so-called "formal subject" is in the genitive, partitive or illative case. This class of verbs typically includes verbs signifying necessity or obligation to do something at different degrees (tarvita, tulla, pitää, täytyä), verbs expressing natural phenomena (sataa, salamoida) and verbs expressing feelings (sattua, huimata, nolottaa).

When a verb expressing some feeling is used monopersonally, the originator of the feeling can be known but not mentioned. Most of those verbs can also be used in other persons, i.e. in a way that the originator is mentioned. See the article on Wikipedia, Impersonal verbs.

Impersonal usage:
Minua nolottaa.
I feel embarrassed.
Usage in other persons:
Tämä asia nolottaa minua.
This issue makes me feel embarrassed.