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Appendix:Menus ==> Indian (British)

Indian Restaurant Menus[edit]

This is a collection of items of food to be found in all sorts of Indian restauramts in Britain; including tandoori restaurants and balti houses

Not all items will be found in all restaurants, and some are regional specialities. Individual chefs will have their own interpretation of ingredients, spices, degree of heat etc.

Spelling can be rather fluid - expect all sorts of variations.

Because the same words can crop up at all stages of the meal, this is a list of terms in alphabetical order.

  • aloo - potato
  • balti - cooked and served in a metal bowl
  • bhajee, bhaji - fritter
  • bhindi - okra, ladies fingers
  • bhuna, bhoona - like dopiaza with less onions
  • biriani - cooked and served with rice, often mild
  • butter chicken - barbequed, served with a buttery sauce
  • chana - chikpeas
  • chapatti - circular, flat unleavened bread
  • chat - cooked in chat mossalla
  • chutney - relish, used as a dip
  • dhal - lentil
  • dhansak - spicy and hot, sweet and sour (with lentils)
  • dopiaza - medium strength curry with onions
  • garam masala - spice mixture added near end of cooking
  • hasina - marinated, grilled with onion, tomatoes & green peppers
  • jalfrezi - fried in a hot sauce containing chillies
  • kashmir - with onions and fruit
  • kebab - grilled meat
    • rashmi kebab - like shami kebab with egg
    • sheek kebab - minced lamb rolled into long "sausages" and cooked in the tandoor
    • shami kebab - patties of minced lamb cooked in the tandoor
  • korai - cooked and served in a two-handled pot
  • korma - spicy but mild (with coconut or yoghurt)
  • kulfi - frozen sweet dessert
  • lassi - cool yoghurt drink
  • Madras - medium to hot British curry
  • Malay - mild with fruit (usually lychee or pineapple)
  • methi - fenugreek (part of garam masala)
  • moghul, moglai - mild dish with ginger, coconut etc
  • mulligatawny - curried soup based on lentils
  • mutter - peas
  • nan, naan - flat, leavened bred baked in the tandoor
  • pakora - vegetable fritter
  • paneer - Indian cheese resembling tofu, served with sag or mutter
  • papadom - deep fried or grilled lentil flour "bread" - eaten with chutneys as starter
  • paratha - pan-fried bread made from wheat and ghee
  • pasanda - mild curry containing almonds and coconut
  • pathia - hot, sweet & sour
  • phal - very, very hot British curry (eaten when totally drunk)
  • puree, puri - stuffed puffy bread
  • rashmi - round patties of minced lamb cooked in the tandoor
  • rezella - pieces of meat cooked with minced meat
  • rogan josh - red curry made from papriki or chilli
  • roti - same as chapatti
  • sag - spinach
  • sagwala - curry made with spinach
  • samosa - triangular fried pastry, filled with vegetables or lamb
  • shashlik - with onions, tomatoes and green peppers
  • shilsila - with green pepper & spring onion
  • tandoori - marinated in yoghurt and spices and cooked in a tandoor clay oven
  • tarka dhal - lentils cooked in tomato and herbs
  • tikka - meat marinated in yogurt, cooked in a tandoor
  • vindaloo - originally a pork curry from Goa, now a very hot British curry