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  1. A botanical plant name author abbreviation for botanist Carl (Karl) Ludwig von Blume (1796-1862).

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Eine weiße Rose — A white rose


From Middle High German bluome, from Old High German bluomo, from Proto-Germanic *blōmô. Akin to Low German Bloom, Dutch bloem, English bloom, Danish blomme, Swedish blomma, from *blōaną, from Proto-Indo-European *bʰleh₃- (compare Latin flōs).



Blume f (genitive Blume, plural Blumen, diminutive Blümelein n or Blümlein n or Blümchen n)

  1. (botany) flower, blossom
    Insekten helfen Blumen bei der Reproduktion. — Insects are aiding the flowers to reproduce themselves.
    Die breite Varietät an Blumensorten faszinierte die Menschen schon lange — The wide range of different kinds of flowers is fascinating the man for ages.
  2. (chemistry) efflorescence
  3. (heraldry) flower
    Blume sind häufig ein Bestandteil von Symbolen auf Flaggen und Wappen — Flowers are often a building block of symbols on flags.
    Die Blume, welche England symbolisiert, ist die rote Rose — The red rose is the flower which symbolizes England.
  4. (hunting) tail, scut (of a hare)
  5. nose, bouquet (of a wine)


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