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Charles +‎ -ton. The places are named after various men named "Charles"; see definitions below.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A city, the county seat of Charleston County, South Carolina; after Charles II of England.
  2. The capital city of West Virginia, United States and the county seat of Kanawha County; perhaps after Charles Clendenin, the father of an early settler.
  3. A city in Arkansas, United States and one of the two county seats of Franklin County.
  4. A city, the county seat of Coles County, Illinois; after Charles Morton, its first postmaster.
  5. A city in Mississippi, United States and one of the two county seats of Tallahatchie County.
  6. A city, the county seat of Mississippi County, Missouri; after either nearby Charles Prairie or the city in South Carolina.
  7. A city in Tennessee.
  8. A town in Maine; after Charles Vaughan, an early settler.
  9. A town in New York; after Charles Van Epps, an early settler.
  10. A town in Utah; after Charles Shelton, an early settler.
  11. A town in South Australia.
  12. A town in Vermont; after a naval battle near the city in South Carolina; the town's early settlers were naval officers.
  13. A village in Angus, Scotland; after Charles Henderson, proprietor of the village's land before its formation.
  14. A community in Nova Scotia.
  15. An area of Dundee, Scotland.
  16. A neighborhood of Staten Island, New York City; after Charles Kreischer, son of Balthasar Kreischer, after whom the town was previously named (as Kreischerville).

Derived terms[edit]

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Charleston (plural Charlestons)

  1. (preceded by definite article) A dance named for the city of Charleston, South Carolina.