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Confucius +‎ -ian


Confucian (comparative more Confucian, superlative most Confucian)

  1. Of, pertaining to, or conforming to the teachings of Confucius.
    • 1996 May, Teng-hui Lee, “Political Reforms”, in Peace Through Democratic Reforms, Taipei: Wen Ying Tang Press Inc., →ISBN, →OCLC, pages 15–16:
      In the stereotyped cycle of peace and turmoil of a feudalistic society in Chinese history, Confucian culture has always been considered the basic stabilizing force. Dynasties might alter, circumstances might change, but democracy has never taken root and grown in Chinese society as it has long done in Western countries. Even after the success of the 1911 revolution, restoration of emperorship alternated with warlord strife. For quite a long time, the Republic of China had remained just in name. The Chinese communists seized power on the mainland, but their rule has run counter to democracy, creating a new form of feudalistic dictatorship. Intellectuals on the mainland still doubt and quarrel whether democracy can be carried out in Chinese society. Obviously, Chinese on the mainland are watching the tide of democracy that has been sweeping the whole world in the ending years of the 20th century with a deep sense of frustration and resignation. But, the Republic of China despite a similar Confucian background has succeeded in peacefully carrying out democratic reforms in Taiwan, freeing itself from the traditional bondage of the traditional Chinese society and breaking the cycle of dynastic changes. Our success has proved that the Taiwan society based on Confucian culture is able to develop the traditional humanism and combine it with Western rule of law into a new system of democratic government. This achievement has transcendental consequence. For a long time, Western academics have doubted that democracy can develop in a society with Confucian culture. After seeing the obvious difference between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits, they have to adjust their views and make a new construct for their theories of political democracy.


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Confucian (plural Confucians)

  1. One who follows the teachings of Confucius.


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