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DA (countable and uncountable, plural DAs or DA's)

  1. Initialism of district attorney.
  2. Initialism of duck's arse (type of haircut).
    • 1977-1980, Lou Sullivan, personal diary, quoted in 2019, Ellis Martin, Zach Ozma (editors), We Both Laughed In Pleasure
      Went to a new haircutters, told him I wanted a DA and sideburns, and that "your ultimate goal is to make me look like a boy".
  3. Initialism of Doctor of Arts.
  4. (Internet) Initialism of domain administration.
  5. Initialism of dairy association.
  6. (biochemistry) Initialism of dopamine.
  7. (organic chemistry) Initialism of domoic acid.
  8. (anatomy) Initialism of descending aorta.
    Alternative form: DAo
  9. (anatomy) Initialism of ductus arteriosus.
  10. (SEO) Initialism of domain authority.
  11. (UK politics) Initialism of devolved administration.

Derived terms[edit]

Proper noun[edit]


  1. Initialism of Department of the Army.
  2. Initialism of Department of Agriculture.
  3. (South Africa, politics) Initialism of Democratic Alliance.
  4. (rail transport) The station code of Dhaka railway station in Bangladesh.


DA (not comparable)

  1. (military, of a revolver) Initialism of double action.



  1. (Jehovah's Witnesses) Abbreviation of disassociate.