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From Middle French, from Old French Gaule, Waulle ‎(Gaul), from Frankish *Walholant ‎(Gaul, literally land of the Romans or foreigners), from Frankish *Walha ‎(foreigners, Romans, Celts), from Proto-Germanic *walhaz ‎(outlander, foreigner, Celt), probably of Celtic origin, from the same source as Latin Volcae ‎(name of a Celtic tribe in Southern Germany, which later emmigrated to Gaul). Cognate with Old High German Walh, Walah ‎(Celt, Roman, Gaul), Old English Wealh, Walh ‎(a non-germanic foreigner, Celt), Old Norse Valir ‎(Gauls, Frenchmen). More at Wales, Cornwall, Walloon.


Proper noun[edit]

Gaule f

  1. Gaul, former name of France.

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Middle French[edit]

Proper noun[edit]

Gaule f

  1. Gaul (former name of France)