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sensu stricto Walloon-speaking area including the small politically French "peninsula" of Givet (red) and boundaries of Wallonia; the inhabitants of both are called "Walloons"; people in North-East area (cut) are German-speaking Walloons


Borrowed from Middle French Wallon / wallon, from Frankish *walh, from Proto-Germanic *walhaz (foreigner).

Cognate to Welsh/Wales, the second part of Cornwall, and first part of walnut, as well as Gaul and Wallachia.


  • (UK) IPA(key): /wəˈluːn/
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -uːn

Proper noun[edit]


  1. The Romance language commonly spoken until the middle of the 20th century in parts of southern Belgium and northern France (around Givet).



Walloon (plural Walloons)

  1. An inhabitant of Wallonia, of Belgian nationality, nowadays generally French-speaking, but also possibly German-speaking.
    • 1593±1, Humfrey Barwick, A breefe discourse, concerning the force and effect of all manuall weapons of fire and the disability of the long bowe or archery, in respect of others of greater force now in vse. With sundrye probable reasons for the verrifying therof: the which I haue doone of dutye towards my soueraigne and country, and for the better satisfaction of all such as are doubtfull of the same.[1], London:
      when I was young I did seeke to serue, both in England, Fraunce, and Scotland, to that end I might the better doo my Prince and Countrye seruice, and also to sustaine myselfe, who otherwaies was not able to liue as I did desire to doo: wheras I learned to know the vse of most weapons of warre both for Horsemen and footmen, that are or haue beene vsed in this age, with as good Schoolemaisters as any Italian, Spaniard or Wallon whatsoeuer, hath been or now is.
  2. An inhabitant of the region of southern Belgium and northern France (around Givet), usually of Belgian nationality.



Walloon (not comparable)

  1. Referring to the French-speaking people of southern Belgium and parts of northern France.
  2. Referring to the Romance language spoken by this people.


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