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From Old High German gismac, gismah, smac from Proto-Germanic *smakkuz, from Proto-Indo-European *smeg- (taste). Cognate with Dutch smaak, English smack, smatch, Swedish smak, Danish smag.



Geschmack m (genitive Geschmackes or Geschmacks, plural Geschmäcker or Geschmäcke)

  1. taste
    • 1918, Elisabeth von Heyking, Die Orgelpfeifen, in: Zwei Erzählungen, Phillipp Reclam jun. Verlag, page 19:
      Die eigenen Zimmer hatten sich die Enkel nach persönlichem Geschmack eingerichtet.
      The grandchildren had furnished their own rooms according to their personal taste.
  2. flavour

Usage notes[edit]

  • The normal plural is Geschmäcker. This form is labelled colloquial in many dictionaries, but has now become common in all registers. The older form Geschmäcke is less common.


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