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From Old Norse Ísland.


  • IPA(key): /ˈislɑnti/, [ˈis̠lɑn̪t̪i]
  • Rhymes: -islɑnti
  • Syllabification(key): Is‧lan‧ti

Proper noun[edit]


  1. Iceland (a country in Europe)
    Islannin valtion virallinen nimi on "Islannin tasavalta".
    The official name of the state of Iceland is "Republic of Iceland".


Inflection of Islanti (Kotus type 5*J/risti, nt-nn gradation)
nominative Islanti (Islannit)
genitive Islannin (Islantien)
partitive Islantia (Islanteja)
illative Islantiin (Islanteihin)
singular plural
nominative Islanti (Islannit)
accusative nom. Islanti (Islannit)
gen. Islannin
genitive Islannin (Islantien)
partitive Islantia (Islanteja)
inessive Islannissa (Islanneissa)
elative Islannista (Islanneista)
illative Islantiin (Islanteihin)
adessive Islannilla (Islanneilla)
ablative Islannilta (Islanneilta)
allative Islannille (Islanneille)
essive Islantina (Islanteina)
translative Islanniksi (Islanneiksi)
instructive (Islannein)
abessive Islannitta (Islanneitta)
comitative (Islanteineen)
Plural forms of this word are not commonly used, but might be found in figurative uses, in some set phrases or in colloquial language.
Possessive forms of Islanti (type risti)
possessor singular plural
1st person Islantini Islantimme
2nd person Islantisi Islantinne
3rd person Islantinsa

Derived terms[edit]