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Ultimately from Latin classis, probably via French classe.


  • IPA(key): /ˈklasə/
  • Rhymes: -asə
  • Hyphenation: Klas‧se
  • (file)


Klasse f (genitive Klasse, plural Klassen)

  1. a class; a grouping
    1. (school) form; grade; year
    2. (sociology, economics) class (grouping based on upbringing, job, wealth, etc.)
      • 2010, Der Spiegel, issue 24/2010, page 88:
        Die Furcht, ein wiedervereinigtes Deutschland werde langfristig stärker seinen nationalen Interessen nachgehen und unilateral agieren – ohne Rücksicht auf den Nachbarn also –, verfolgt seither Frankreichs politische Klasse.
        The fear that a reunited Germany would pursue its national interests more strongly in the long term and act unilaterally – hence without consideration of its neighbors – haunts the political class of France since that time.
    3. (object-oriented programming) class
  2. class; excellence

Usage notes[edit]

  • (school): The word Klasse usually refers to a group of ca. 20 to 35 pupils who study together. A school typically has two to five Klassen per Jahrgang or Stufe (year).
Sie ist in meiner Klasse.She’s in my form.
Depening on context, however, the word may also mean the year as a whole.
Die achte Klasse fand ich schwerer als die neunte.I found eighth grade more difficult than ninth.




Derived terms[edit]


Further reading[edit]

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Klasse f

  1. plural of Klass