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Etymology 1[edit]



  1. Mountain Standard Time

Etymology 2[edit]

From the TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000, commonly known as MST3K, which practiced this technique on movies.

Alternative forms[edit]


  • IPA(key): /ˌɛm ˌɛs ˈtiː/


MST (third-person singular simple present MSTs, present participle MSTing, simple past and past participle MSTed)

  1. To mock a work using close annotation.
    • 2002, (ForwardPast), Re: Blanket Permission To MST, alt.startrek.creative,
      Maybe that's why its considered bad etiquette to MST without permission.
    • 2005, Ashish Pandey, Academic Dictionary Of Fiction, →ISBN, page 202:
      A MSTing that gets its material from something that someone got paid for—movie script, TV show, published book or poem, etc.
    • 2007, Mechademia 2: Networks of Desire, →ISBN, page 43:
      We learn this from looking at which authors are the most popular and which stories are most commonly chosen for ridicule, either through flaming or through “MSTing.”
    • 2011, Michael Dean, "Frame work, resistance and co-optation: How Mystery Science Theater 3000 positions us both in and against hegemonic culture", In the Peanut Gallery with Mystery Science Theater 3000: Essays on Film, Fandom, Technology, and the Culture of Riffing, →ISBN, page 126:
      Most MSTers confine their "riffing" to original fan fiction rather than scripts from corporate-owned entertainment properties, which renders such twice-removed MSTing somewhat toothless: the cannibalizing parody of a patische.
    • 2011, Ron Hale-Evans, Marty Hale-Evans, Mindhacker: 60 Tips, Tricks, and Games to Take Your Mind to the Next Level, →ISBN:
      Why not try your own hand at MSTing?




Initialism of maladie sexuellement transmissible.


MST f (plural MST)

  1. STD (sexually transmitted disease)