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A Sega Master System III console with a round white Pause button on the left.
The Pause key of a keyboard, among various other keys.


From pause.

Alternative forms[edit]


Pause (plural Pauses)

  1. A button whose functions are pausing and resuming something.
    1. A button that, when pressed, causes electronic media (such as VHS or DVD) to be paused or resumed and still active (usually as a single frame without sound); compare with the Stop button, that usually pauses electronic media while also finishing the connection with them.
    2. A button (of a joystick, joypad or similar input device of video games) that, when pressed, causes the current video game to be paused or resumed.
    3. A key (of computer keyboards) that, when pressed during the execution of any of certain operating systems, halts or resumes the current flow of instructions.



  • IPA(key): /ˈpaʊ̯zə/, [ˈpaʊ̯zə]
  • (file)


Pause f (genitive Pause, plural Pausen, diminutive Päuschen n)

  1. pause, break


Derived terms[edit]