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This Proto-Slavic entry contains reconstructed words and roots. As such, the term(s) in this entry are not directly attested, but are hypothesized to have existed based on comparative evidence.


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*-nь f

  1. Deverbative, creates nouns
    From verbs ending in -V-
    *pěsnь (song)*pěti (to sing)
    *basnь (tale)*ba- (to tell)
    *žiznь (life)*žiti (to live)
    *kuznь (forge, smithy)*ku- (to forge)
    From verbs ending in -a/V-
    *kajaznь (sorrow)*kajati (to regret)
    *prijaznь (friendship)*prijati (to favor, to please)
    From verbs eniding in -C/j-
    *bornь (standoff, battle)*borti (to fight, to wrestle)
    *dolnь (palm of hand) ← Pre-Slavic *dolti (to rub, to wreck)
    *kolnь (slaughter)*kolti (to stab, cleave)
    technically *dьnь (day) ← Pre-Slavic *diti (to emerge, to brighten)
    From verbs ending in -ě-, -ě/i-
    *bojaznь (fear, awe)*bojati (to fear)
    *bolěznь (pain, agony)*bolěti (to hurt)
    *grěnь (blaze)*grěti (to heat, to shine)
    *lěnь (sloth) ← Pre-Slavic *lětь (to allow, to let) (preserved only in adverb form)
    From verbs ending in -a-:
    *dьranь (tearing, wrench, trash)*dьrati (to tear)
    *bьranь (yield)*bьrati (to pick up)
    *zařanь (morning, dayspring)*ozařati (to elluminate)
    *oranь (plowing)*orati (to plow)


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