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From Old High German sahha, from Proto-Germanic *sakō. Cognate with Low German sake, Dutch zaak, English sake, Danish sag, Swedish sak.



Sache f (genitive Sache, plural Sachen)

  1. affair
  2. thing, object
    Da ist noch eine Sache.
    There's one more thing (for me to say).
  3. (law) thing: corporeal object
    Sachen im Sinne des Gesetzes sind nur körperliche Gegenstände. [1]
    Only corporeal objects are things as defined by law.
  4. cause, action
  5. subject, matter, business
    • 1960, Marie Luise Kaschnitz, ‘Schneeschmelze’:
      »Das tut nichts zur Sache«, sagte die Frau.
      "That's got nothing to do with it," said the woman.
    Das ist Privatsache.
    That's a private matter.
  6. (chiefly in the plural, colloquial) kilometers per hour
    Er raste mit hundert Sachen um die Ecke.
    He raced around the corner at 100 per.


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