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From Middle High German ziuc (stuff, gear), from Old High German giziug, from Proto-Germanic *tiugiją (stuff, gear, device). Compare Dutch tuig (tool, gear), Old Norse tygi (gear). More at toy.


  • IPA(key): /t͡sɔʏ̯k/ (standard)
  • IPA(key): /t͡sɔʏ̯ç/ (in northern and central Germany; chiefly colloquial)
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Zeug n (genitive Zeugs or Zeuges, plural Zeuge)

  1. stuff, gear, equipment
  2. material
  3. fabric, clothing, clothes

Usage notes[edit]

The plural Zeuge is quite rare (except in compounds such as Fahrzeug). Generally, Zeug is treated as uncountable.

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