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Borrowed from Korean 삼성 (Samseong), Sino-Korean word from 三星, literally “tristar” or “three stars”, combined to represent “powerful eternity”.


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  • IPA(key): /ˈsæm.sʌŋ/
  • (rare) /ˈsæm.sʊŋ/
  • (file)

Proper noun[edit]

Samsung (plural Samsungs)

  1. A South Korean conglomerate company which makes electronics and ships.
    • 2008, Alexandra Harney, The China Price: The True Cost, →ISBN, page 13:
      [Some of] them, potentially, are the Sonys and Samsungs of tomorrow. Some companies try to lure customers to their booths with food: a soft ice cream machine maker plies passersby with free cones, a wine fountain maker touts cups of sour red.
    • 2011, Michael Breen, Kim Jong-Il, Revised and Updated, →ISBN, page 134:
      Now they are required to be profitable and may find that North Korea is not worth the risk. Perhaps North Korea will need to found its own Hyundais and Samsungs and hire South Koreans as executives and consultants.
    • 2013, Richard Rosecrance, The Resurgence of the West, →ISBN:
      But without its own respected brands, its Toyotas and Samsungs, China will always languish at the lower end of the value chain.
    • 2015, Panos Mourdoukoutas, Business Strategy in a Semiglobal Economy, →ISBN, page 29:
      The Sonys, Sanyos, and Samsungs of the world — not to mention Chinese upstarts — all have access to the same huge pool of chips, liquid crystal displays, audio pickups, power supplies, and packaging.



Samsung (plural Samsungs)

  1. A phone manufactured by the South Korean conglomerate company Samsung.
    • 2014, Min Ding; Jie Xu, The Chinese Way, →ISBN, page 337:
      They are wearing pajamas and shouldering pillows, with iPhones in their left hands and Samsungs in their right hands.
    • 2007, Susan Reinhardt, Don't Sleep with A Bubba: Unless Your Eggs Are in Wheelchairs, →ISBN:
      Everywhere Nokias and Samsungs are stapled to eager ears, clipped onto trousers or slipped into purses.