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Several of these definitions (ie "Unconstrained") are unfortunately common usage. A better word for these meanings is license, where one definition is "Excessive freedom; lack of due restraint. When liberty becomes license dictatorship is near, Will Durant"

software libre[edit]

I am unwilling to make the edit myself as it is controversial, but it should be noted that most proponents of free software would argue the point that it is totally without limitations, not merely without as many limitations as proprietary software. It could also be argued that this definition is severely lacking, as it does not mention the Four Freedoms implied by common usage in the industry. —This comment was unsigned.

The hard part is having some evidence that the word is being used as you say and not in the more broadly accepted senses from sources that meet our standards, durably archived, independent, etc. Please feel free to provide citations, preferably on the citations page, that illustrate the sense you propose. We are fairly good about including things promptly once we see signs that they are really entering the language. Language is a system of conventions that is inherently conservative, but steadily evolving. We document changes, but not at the very earliest stages. DCDuring TALK 21:29, 12 December 2008 (UTC)