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I moved "other than" to adverb--that's what M-W says it is. But I'm not entirely happy with this, as it's more a definition of the phrase "other than" than of "other". Ortonmc 17:14, 12 Apr 2004 (UTC)

I'm not at all sure about the noun definition, "(the other) sex." I can't imagine saying "I am married to an other," and have "other" mean "woman". Perhaps I'm not understanding this—could someone clarify it, please? Ortonmc 17:14, 12 Apr 2004 (UTC)

This entry gives a pronunciation attributed to the American Heritage Dictionary. Isn't this against Wiktionary's copyright infringement policies? AndreasWittenstein 00:57, 2 June 2008 (UTC)

Missing sense[edit]

I think other can be synonymous to odd, as in first, third, fifth. As in,
other items in a set = {1,3,5,7,9},
other odd items in a set = {1,5,9}

I don't think this is included on the page, and if it is, then some example sentences would be appreciated. -- 04:51, 6 August 2010 (UTC)

I'm not going to pretend to understand mathmatics, but could not you say:

other items in a set = {0,2.4,6,8},
other even items in a set = {0,4,8}? Thryduulf (talk) 09:46, 6 August 2010 (UTC)

Perhaps this is just an effort to assign meaning to a syntactic constituent of the idiomatic every other, sense 2. DCDuring TALK 10:19, 6 August 2010 (UTC)
Keep tidy.svg

The following information has failed Wiktionary's deletion process.

It should not be re-entered without careful consideration.


other#Adjective. AFAICT, this doesn't meet the tests for being an adjective in either of the senses given. See Wiktionary:English adjectives.

There may be a true adjective sense, but it would not be common in normal speech. Most uses are of other#Determiner. Many contributors are neither patient enough to read our full entry nor familiar with the concept of determiner. Thus, we can expect future contributors to add an adjective PoS unless we make special provision under the adjective PoS, such as as pseudo-sense: "See [[other#Determiner|other (determiner)]]." Rising Sun talk? contributions 21:33, 31 March 2010 (UTC)

A true adjective sense is something like "alien, different".
Only Macmillan, and Cambridge Adv Learner's, among OneLook dictionaries, use determiner for the main senses of other, as does Longman's DCE. Thus, we will be putting our users on the bleeding edge by emphasizing the determiner PoS. How can we have a prominent link to something helpful for users not familiar with "determiner"? I would like a PoS header link, though we only use that for the various abbreviation headers and seem to disprefer the practice. DCDuring TALK 10:38, 6 August 2010 (UTC)
I have made the changes to other#Adjective that would support this deletion, but not the changes at other#Determiner, which needs careful rewriting. DCDuring TALK 11:03, 6 August 2010 (UTC)

deleted -- Prince Kassad 17:33, 9 March 2011 (UTC)