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xanthenic {adj} (pertaining to, or derived from xanthene)  :: xantenico
xanthine {n} (group of alkaloids, including caffeine)  :: xantina {f}
Xanthippe {n} /zænθɪpiː/ (ill-tempered woman)  :: Santippe
xanthogenate {n} (xanthate)  :: xantogenato {m}
xanthomous {adj} (of or pertaining to a xanthoma)  :: xantomatoso
Xavier {prop} /ˈzeɪ.vjɚ/ (male given name)  :: Saverio
xebec {n} /ˈziːbɛk/ (transport ship)  :: sciabecco {m}
xenacanthid {n} (Any prehistoric shark of the family Xenacanthidae.)  :: xenacantido {m}
xenarthran {n} (mammal)  :: xenartro {m}
xenobiont {n} (biology: organism found in surroundings, or in association with another organism, in which it is normally absent)  :: xenobio {m}, xenobionte {m}
xenobiotic {adj} (of or pertaining to xenobiosis)  :: xenobiotico
xenocide {n} (genocide of entire alien species)  :: xenocidio {m}
Xenocrates {prop} (philosopher)  :: Senocrate {m}
xenodochium {n} /ˌzɛn.oʊˈdoʊ.ki.əm/ (room in a monastery)  :: xenodochio {m}
xenon {n} /ˈzinɑn/ (chemical element)  :: xenon {m}, xeno {m}
Xenophanes {prop} /zɛˈnɒfəniːz/ (a Greek philosopher and a poet)  :: Senofane
xenophilia {n} (attraction or love for foreign people, manners or culture)  :: esterofilia {f}
xenophobe {n} /ˈzinəfoʊb/ (hater of foreigners)  :: xenofobo {m}, xenofoba {f}
xenophobia {n} /zɛnəˈfəʊbɪə/ (a pathological fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners)  :: xenofobia {f}
xenophobic {n} (xenophobe) SEE: xenophobe  ::
xenophobic {adj} (exhibiting or characterised by xenophobia)  :: xenofobo
Xenophon {prop} (historian and philosopher)  :: Senofonte {m}
xenotime {n} (a yellow-brown mineral)  :: xenotima {f}
xenotransplantation {n} (transplantation between species)  :: xenotrapianto {m}
xeroderma {n} (pathology: any of various skin diseases characterised by dry hard scaly skin)  :: xeroderma {m}
xerophthalmia {n} (condition)  :: xeroftalmia
xerophthalmic {adj} (of or pertaining to xerophthalmia)  :: xeroftalmico
xerophyte {n} /ˈzɪəɹəʊfaɪt/ (botany: a plant suited for life in a habitat where water is scarce)  :: xerobio {m}, xerofita {f}
xeroradiography {n} (method of X-ray photography)  :: xeroradiografia {f}
xerox {v} /ˈziː(ə)ɹ.ɑks/ (to make photocopies)  :: fotocopiare, xerocopiare
Xerxes {prop} /ˈzɝksiːz/ (Xerxes I of Persia)  :: Serse {m}
Xhosa {prop} /ˈkoʊ.sə/ (Xhosa language)  :: lingua xhosa {f}
xi {n} /ksaɪ/ (Greek letter)  :: xi {m} {f}, csi {m} {f}, ksi {m} {f}
Xianggang {prop} (Hong Kong) SEE: Hong Kong  ::
xiphias {n} (xiphias) SEE: swordfish  ::
xiphosauran {n} (chelicerate)  :: xifosuro {m}
Xizang {prop} (Tibet) SEE: Tibet  ::
xoanon {n} /ˈzoʊ.ə.nɑn/ (wooden statue used as a cult image in Ancient Greece)  :: xoanon {m}
X-ray {n} /ˈɛks ˌɹeɪ/ (photograph made with X-rays)  :: radiografia {f}
X-ray {n} (the letter "X" in ICAO spelling alphabet)  :: xeres
X-ray {v} (to take a radiograph of)  :: radiografare, schermografare
X-ray {adj} (of or having to do with X-rays)  :: radiografico
xylan {n} (biochemistry: a polysaccharide consisting of xylose residues)  :: xylano {m}, xilano {m}
xylanase {n} (any of various enzymes)  :: xilanasi {f}
xylem {n} /ˈzaɪ.ləm/ (a vascular tissue in land plants)  :: xilema {m}
xylene {n} /ˈzaɪliːn/ (di-methyl-benzene)  :: xilene {m}
xylo- {prefix} (wood)  :: xilo-
xylograph {n} /ˈzaɪ.loʊ.ɡɹɑːf/ (engraving in wood)  :: xilografia {f}
xylolite {n} (A compressed wood product used for flooring)  :: xilolite {f}
xylophone {n} /ˈzaɪ.lə.ˌfəʊn/ (musical instrument)  :: xilofono {m}
xylose {n} (wood sugar)  :: xilosio {m}