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biometric devices biometric identification biometric identifier biometric passport biometric passports biometric person recognition biometric school biometric time clocks biometric variety biometrics in schools biomimetic materials biomolecular engineering biomolecular function biomolecular structure prediction biomorphic robot biomorphic robotics bionic architecture bionic arm bionic ear bionic elbow bionic engineering bionic implants bionic technology bionically augmented bionics technology bioorganic chemistry bioorganic materials bioorganometallic chemistry biopharmaceutical company biopharmaceutical industry biophysical chemist biophysical chemistry biophysical economics biophysical field biophysical issues biophysical methods biophysical profile biophysical profiles biophysical techniques biopsy forceps biopsy needle biopsy punch biopsy scar biopsy specimen biopsychosocial model biopunk movement bioreactor landfills bioreductive prodrugs bioregional democracy bioregional structure bioresonance therapy bioresource engineering biorthogonal system biorthogonal wavelets biosafety hood biosafety level biosafety level 3 biosafety level 4 biosafety protocol biosci metabolism biosecurity protocol biosocial theory biosphere reserve biosphere reserves biospherical equality biostratigraphic zone biosynthesis of 12-, 14- and 16-membered macrolides biosynthesis of pyrimidine biosynthesis of siderophore group nonribosomal biosynthesis of steroids biosynthesis of the prostanoids biosynthesis of type ii polyketide products biosynthesis of vancomycin group antibiotics biosynthetic pathway biosynthetic pathways biosynthetic reactions biotech engineering biotech industry biotech startup biotechnical industry biotechnological controversies biotechnology campus biotechnology company biotechnology conference biotechnology consulting biotechnology drugs biotechnology engineering bioterror attack bioterrorist attack bioterrorist incident bioterrorist threat biotic communities biotic community biotic factors biotic infusion biotic material biotic power biotic zone biotic zones biotin carboxylase biotin metabolism biotin synthase biotin-CoA ligase biotin-carboxyl-carrier protein biotinidase deficiency biparental care bipartisan political conflict bipartite entanglement bipartite graph bipartite graphs bipartite matching bipedal locomotion bipedal machines bipedal robot bipedal robots bipedal tank bipedal tanks biphase modulation biphasic cuirass ventilation biphasic mixture biphasic release biphasic sleep biphenyl 2,3-dioxygenase biphenylchromium tricarbonyl biphotonic processes bipinnate muscles bipinnate or tripinnate bipinnately compound bipinnately compound leaves bipolar affective disease bipolar affective disorder bipolar cell bipolar cell of the retina bipolar cells bipolar cells of the retina bipolar codes bipolar condition bipolar coordinate system bipolar coordinates bipolar cylindrical coordinates bipolar depression bipolar devices bipolar disorder bipolar disorderor bipolar disorders bipolar electrocoagulation bipolar encoding bipolar equation bipolar exchange rate bipolar first-order neurons bipolar illness bipolar junction bipolar junction transistor bipolar junction transistors bipolar mating system bipolar mental disorders bipolar nebula bipolar outflow bipolar outflows bipolar patients bipolar spectrum bipolar spectrum disorder bipolar system bipolar technology bipolar tendencies bipolar transisors bipolar transistor bipolar transistors bipolar type bipolar violation bipolar violations bipolar with eight-zero substitution bipolar-affective disorder bipolars of retina bipropellant engine bipropellant rocket bipropellant rocket engine bipropellant rockets biquad filter biquad filter. biquad sections biquadratic equation biquadratic reciprocity biquartic graph bira bira biracial ancestry birational automorphisms birational equivalence birational geometry birational invariant birational isomorphism birational map birational mapping birational transformation birational transformations birationally equivalent birch bark birch bark biting birch bark document birch bark documents birch bark letters birch bark scrolls birch bark writings birch beer birch bolete birch bracket birch canoes birch fungus birch mice birch mouse birch oil birch rod birch sap birch scrolls birch scrub birch shield bug birch syrup birch tree birch trees birch-bark scrolls birch-bark writing birchbark canoes birchbark letters bird abatement bird anatomy bird and flower paintings bird artist bird award bird bander bird banding bird bands bird base bird bath bird baths bird blind bird breeding bird cage bird call bird callers bird calls bird carvings bird cherries bird cherry bird cliff bird clubs bird collections bird collision bird conservation bird control bird control spikes bird counts bird deterrents bird droppings bird eggs bird evolution bird evolution from dinosaurs bird explosion bird feathers bird feeder bird feeders bird feeding bird flight bird flu bird flu pandemic bird food bird goddess bird hide bird hides bird houses bird identification bird identification guides bird impressions bird influenza bird intelligence bird keeping bird lice bird lime bird liming bird locust bird louse bird migration bird migrations bird mites bird monitoring programs bird nesting box bird nests bird observation bird observatories bird observatory bird of fire bird of paradise bird of paradise bird of prey bird of that name bird of the same name bird on the painting bird order bird people bird photography bird pipe bird pollination bird protecting area bird protection area bird rarities committee bird recorder bird refuge bird repellent bird respiratory systems bird ringer bird ringing bird roosting bird sanctuaries bird sanctuary bird sancturary bird scarer bird scarers bird scientists bird skeleton bird skeletons bird snake bird song bird songs bird species bird species new to science bird spotting bird strike bird strikes bird stump bird tables bird topography bird tour leader bird vagrancy bird watch bird watcher bird watchers bird watching bird whistle bird whistles bird-cage lantern bird-cherry aphid bird-dinosaur connection bird-hipped dinosaurs bird-man cult bird-plane strikes birds and the bees birds eye views birds foot trefoil birds migrating birds nest soup birds of omen birds of paradise birds of pray birds of prey birds sing birds singing birds swarming the housemates birds-eye pattern birds-eye view birdseye maple birdsfoot trefoil birdshot retinochoroidopathy birdsong index birdstrike simulator birdwatching fairs birdwing butterflies birdwing butterfly birdwing pearlymussel birefringent crystal biremes and triremes birkat ha-mazon birkat hamazon birkeland current birth abnormalities birth activist birth and death birth at home birth attendant birth canal birth centenary birth center birth centers birth centre birth centres birth certificate birth certificates birth chair birth chart birth cohort birth complications birth control birth control clinic birth control movement birth control pill birth control pills birth cries birth date birth dearth birth defect birth defects birth family names birth flower birth home birth injury birth mark birth mother birth name birth names birth of the republic birth order birth parents birth place birth rate birth rates birth records birth registration birth registry birth registry forms birth sac birth spacing birth tourism birth weight birth weights birth-death process birth-death processes birthday "paradox" birthday attack birthday attacks birthday bound birthday boy birthday cake birthday cakes birthday card birthday cards birthday flower birthday gift birthday gift symbolism birthday honours birthday odes birthday of the great prophet birthday paradox birthday parties birthday party birthday problem birthday spanking birthday suit birthday wish birthing center birthing centers birthing position birthing process birthing stirrups birthing stools birthplace of the atomic bomb birthright citizenship birthright israel births and deaths births out of wedlock bis-amino acids bis-g-glutamylcystine reductase bis-tris propane bisabolol oxide b bischofia javanica biscuit beetle biscuit joiner biscuit joiners biscuit jointers biscuit of the same name biscuit porcelain biscuit root biscuit sandwiches biscuit tin biscuit tins biscuit weevil biscuits and gravy bisection method bisextile days bisexual chic bisexual community bisexual history bisexual male-male based porn films bisexual man bisexual people bisexual persons bisexual pornographic films bisexual pornography bisexual pride flag bisexual reproduction bisexual rights bisexual until graduation bishojo game bishop and knight checkmate bishop and knight versus king checkmate bishop and knight versus lone king bishop castle bishop coadjutor bishop diocesan bishop emeritus bishop of mid-China bishop of that city bishop of the city bishop of Évreux bishop of Łomża bishop of Łuck bishop pair bishop pine bishopric coat of arms bishopric of 's-Hertogenbosch bishopric of the isles bishopric of Évreux bishops adjusting them bishops and pawns bishops conference bishops of opposite colors bishops of Évreux bishops on opposite colors bishops war bishoujo game bishoujo games bishoujo series bishul akum bishōjo anime bishōjo game bishōjo games bishōjo video games bisket jatra bismuth antimonide bismuth chloride bismuth difluoride bismuth germanate bismuth iridate bismuth monoantimonide bismuth monosulfide bismuth monoxide bismuth nitrate bismuth octanoate bismuth oxide bismuth oxycarbonate bismuth oxychloride bismuth pentafluoride bismuth ruthenate bismuth selenide bismuth subcarbonate bismuth subgallate bismuth subsalicylate bismuth sulfide bismuth telluride bismuth triantimonide bismuth tribromide bismuth trichloride bismuth trifluoride bismuth triiodide bismuth trioxide bismuth trisulfide bismuth vanadate bison grass bison jumps bison meat bison-horn dance bisoxazoline ligand bispecific antibodies bispecific antibody bispecific monoclonal antibody bispectral analysis bispectral index bispectral index monitoring bisphenol a degradation bispherical coordinates bisphosphoglycerate mutase bisphosphoglycerate phosphatase bissextile day bistable perception bistatic angle bistatic radar bistatic range bistec picado bistecca alla fiorentina bistro restaurant bisulfite sequencing bisymmetric matrices bisync communications protocol bisynchronous protocol bit array bit arrays bit blit bit blited bit block transfer bit bucket bit budget bit cells bit complement bit complexity bit converter bit converters bit copy bit density bit depth bit error bit error probability bit error rate bit error rates bit error ratio bit errors bit exact bit field bit fields bit gag bit gags bit guard bit interleaving bit lines bit loading bit manipulation bit mapped bit mask bit mouthpiece bit mouthpieces bit operation bit oriented bit parallel bit parity bit part bit parts bit pattern bit patterns bit per bit bit per second bit period bit player bit players bit rate bit rates bit resolution bit reversal bit ring bit rings bit robbing bit roles bit rot bit rotation bit rotations bit seat bit serial bit shank bit shanks bit shift bit shift operations bit shifting bit shifts bit slice bit slice processors bit slicing bit slip bit slip marks bit stream bit streams bit string bit string flicking bit stuffing bit stuffing and destuffing bit synchronization bit synchronizer bit time bit times bit vector bit vectors bit width bit windowing optimization bit-error rate bit-error ratio bit-flipping attack bit-level parallelism bit-mapped displays bit-mapped graphics bit-oriented protocol bit-packet switching bit-part roles bitangent line bitap algorithm bitch pad bite alarm bite angle bite fetishism bite fight bite force bite mark injury bite marks bite splint bite the cartridge bite valve bite wounds bitexts and translation memories bitforms gallery bithynian vetch biting midge biting midges biting surfaces bitmap editing bitmap editor bitmap editor software bitmap editors bitmap files bitmap font bitmap fonts bitmap glyphs bitmap graphics bitmap graphics editor bitmap graphics editors bitmap image bitmap image editor bitmap images bitmap indexes bitmap painting bitmap resampling bitmap textures bitmapped graphics bitmapped image bitolterol mesylate bitonal document images bitonic sort bitrate control bitrate peeling bitruncated 16-cell bitruncated 24-cell bitruncated 5-cell bitruncated 8-cell bitruncated cubic bitruncated cubic honeycomb bitruncated dodecahedral bitruncated icosahedral bitruncated tesseract bits per pixel bits per sample bits per second bitschumbi lampeye bitslice microprocessor technology bitstream format bitstream formats bitted key bitten by a snake bitter ale bitter almond bitter almond oil bitter almonds bitter and costly war bitter armed and diplomatic struggle bitter brush bitter cherry bitter fight bitter gourd bitter herb bitter herbs bitter lemon bitter lemon soda bitter lime bitter melon bitter memories bitter miners' strike bitter orange bitter orange peel Citrus aurantium bitter oranges bitter pit bitter political rivalry bitter principles bitter public feud bitter relations bitter rival bitter rivalry bitter rivals with his former team bitter taste bitter tasting bitter tonic bitter vetch bittering agent bitternut hickory bitting rig bittorrent client bittorrent clients bitumen-impregnated rocks bituminous coal bituminous coalfields bituminous coals bituminous coke bituminous rocks bituminous shale bituminous surface treatment bituminous surfaced bitwise complement bitwise logic bitwise logic operations bitwise logical bitwise logical operations bitwise negation bitwise operation bitwise operations bitwise operators bitwise or bitwise parity bitwise rotation bitwise xor biuret amidohydrolase biuret protein assay biuret reaction biuret reagent bivalence and anti-realism bivalent engines bivalent logic bivalve molluscs bivalve molluscs' bivalve mollusks bivalve shell bivalvular molluscs bivariant functor bivariate normal bivariate normal distribution bivariate normally distributed bivector space biventer cervicis biventer lobule biventral lobule bivouac sack bivouac shelter bivouac shelters bivvy bag biwa hoshi biwa hōshi bixby corn bizantyne style bizarre anatomical features bizarre events and phenomena bizarre magic bizarre scientific theories bizarreness effect bizarro fiction bizarro version of himself bizarro world bizet sheep bizz buzz bizzarre audio arts bière de garde bj league bk trees black & white black advocacy groups black alabaster black album black alley cat black ambient black anarchist black and blue black and gold black and minority ethnic black and red ware black and tan black and tan coon-hound black and tan terrier black and tans black and white black and white black and white bungalow black and white bungalows black and white cookie black and white film black and white minstrel black and white photography black and white ruffed lemurs black and white spotted cow black and white stripes black and white village black and white warbler black and whiteand black and whites black and yellow mud dauber black angelfish black angus black antiquities black ants black armband view black armband view of history black armbands black artists black arts black ash black athlete black author black background black bag inmates black bag jobs black bag operations black bags black ball black balls black bamboo black band disease black bands black bans black barred danio black bass black basses black bean black bean paste black bean sauce black beans black bear black bears black bears with bait black beetles black belt black belt factory black belts black beret black berets black berry black bile black birch black birds black bloc black block black blocs black bodies black body black body radiation black body radiation formula black body radiator black body radiators black body spectrum black book black bottom black bottom black bourgeoisie black box black box black box flight recorders black box functions black box label black box recorder black box recorders black box space black box studio black box testing black box theater black box theaters black box theatre black box theatres black box theory black box theory of consciousness black box voting black box warning black box warnings black boxes black boy black brane black branes black bread black bread mold black brewed beer black bride black broth black brush algae black buck black bucks black budget black budgets black bull black bullhead black bun black buntingi black button spiders black buzzards black cab black cab taxis black cabs black caiman black cap black carbon black card black cardamom black cards black carp black carpenter ant black carpet beetle black cat black cat sightings black cats black cattle black chalk black chambers black cherries black cherry black chicken black chronicle black church black churches black cinema black citizens black clay black clubshell black coal black cocaine black cockerel black cod black codes black coffee black cohosh black collar crime black college black college football national championships black colleges black collegiate black comedies black comedy black comedy film black community black congregations black conical meteorite black consciousness black consciousness movement black conservative black coon black copper black coral black costume black cotton soil black cottonwood black crappie black crappies black creoles black crested macaque black crown black crowned night heron black cultural practice black culture black currant black currants black damp black death black demonstrators black dialect black dialects black diamond black diamonds black diaspora black dispatches black dog black dog black dogs black dorcopsis wallaby black dot disease of potato black dragon black dragonfish black dragons black draught black drink black drongo black drop effect black drum black ducks black dwarf black dwarfs black eagle black eagle above a highly stylised oak wreath, with a swastika at its centre black eagles black earth black economic empowerment black economies black economy black elves black empowerment black enamel black english vernacular black entertainment black experience black exploitation films black eye black eyed pea black eyed peas black eyes black face black face paint black faced vervet monkey black families black fast black fax black faxes black female black feminist black feminist thought black feminists black fever black figure black fingered mud crab black fish black five black flag black flagged black flags black flies black flight black flint black fly black football player black footed albatross black footed ferrets black footed rock wallaby black forest black forward-facing control panel black fox black francolins black fraternities black friars black fungus black fungus beetle black funnels black gall black gang black garden ant black ghost knifefish black giant squirrel black gold black gold black gold black goose black gospel black gram black grama black granite black griffon black grouper black grouse black grouses black gruel black guan black guillemot black guillemots black gum black hair black hairstreak black hairy tongue black hall tree black hat black hat and cracker black hat hackers black hats black hawks black hawthorn black he-goat black head black headed grosbeaks black helicopter black helicopters black hellebore black henbane black high school black history black hole black hole cosmology black hole electron black hole entropy black hole formed by the collapse of an individual star black hole gun black hole information loss paradox black hole information paradox black hole mechanics black hole physics black hole thermodynamic black hole thermodynamics black hole uniqueness theorems black hole unitarity black hole's black hole's entropy black holes black holes radiate with a thermal spectrum black homeland black homelands black house black house spider black houses black howler monkey black howler monkeys black humor black humour black humoured black hybrid cartridge black iberian pig black ibis black ice black ice skating team black infantry black ink black ink and a brush black inks black iron prison black ironwood black is beautiful black jacks black jaguar black kangaroo paw black katipo black keys black kingsnake black kite black knight black knight scene black knot black kryptonite black lab black labrador black larder beetle black layer black lead black leader black leather black leather jackets black lechwe black lemurs black lentils black leopard black leopards black letter black letter law black letter rule black level black liberation black licorice black light black lights black lion tamarins black liquor black liquorice black list black listed black listing black lists black locust black locusts black lung black lung disease black macaque black mackerel black madonnas black mages black magic black magician black magicians black magiks black majority black majority rule black makeup black mamba black mambas black man black man chased by a white gang onto a highway black man's black mangrove black manta rays black maple black maple tree black marble black market black market activities black marketeer black marketeering black marketeers black marketing black markets black marlin black mask cats black mass black masses black match black medic black members black men black men and women black metal black metal fashion black metal music black metalers black metallers black mice black middle class black middle-class black militancy black militant black mirror gazing black mixed race black mogurnda black mold black molly black moon black moor black moss black mudalia black mudfish black mulberries black mulberry black mulga black mushrooms black music black musicians black mustard black myotis black naped hare black nationalism black nationalist black nationalists black neon tetra black notes black oak black oat grass black oil black olive black olives black on black crime black op black opal black opals black operations black operations contingent black operative black ops black ops assassins black or white black oreo black out black owned black oystercatcher black oystercatchers black paintings black panther black panthers black parrot black pastoral culture black pearls black peas black penalty card black pencil black people black people black peoples black pepper black pepper crab black pepper crabs black peppercorns black person black phantom tetra black philosophy black pickerel black pig black pine snake black pines black plague black player black players black pleague black poetry black point black politics black pool black pop music black poplar black population black populations black powder black powder substitute black powder substitutes black power black power movement black power salute black prickleback black pride black pride flags black prisoners of war black program black programs black project black projects black propaganda black pudding black puddings black rabbit black race black racer black radiator black radicalism black rage black raspberries black raspberry necrosis virus black rat black rat snake black rat snakes black rats black reaction black regiments black revolution black rhino black rhinoceros black rhinoceroses black rhinos black rhythm music black ribbon black ribbons black rice black rights black rights activists black ring black road black robin black robins black rockfish black room black rooms black rose black roses black rot black run black sabbath black sage black salsify black salt black sambuca black sand black sand beach black sands