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summary of cases used in entry titles in wikt:

  • from XML dump, 13 June 2008
  • matches may not be perfect at this point
  • this run is not checked against current
  • limited number (300) of the "others" that won't be found from redirects are listed

case occurs notes
(not cased) 63292 entries with non-alphabetic titles, all symbols and un-cased scripts
lower case 729077
Capitalized 36659 titles that are single capitalized words (do not contain spaces)
Sentence case 2536 multi-word titles with the first letter capitalized
Title Case 3028 multi-word titles with each word capitalized
Title-Hyphen Case 544 multi-word titles with each word capitalized, including after hyphens
(others, with redirects) 78 all other entries, mixed case, that have redirects that will find them
(others) 2495 all other entries, mixed case, won't be found from other case forms