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from the verb versiegeln (to seal), from siegeln, from the noun Siegel (seal) + the noun suffix -ung



Versiegelung f (genitive Versiegelung, plural Versiegelungen)

  1. (the act or process of) sealing (e.g. of a document with a signet to indicate authorship, approval, etc)
  2. sealing to discourage or make noticeable unauthorized opening of (something, e.g. a letter, or a building)
  3. sealing (e.g. of a leak in a pipe)
  4. (no plural) the waterproof "sealing" of the earth's surface by human constructions
    • 2004, Horst Robert Langguth and Rudolf Voigt, Hydrogeologische Methoden, Springer, page 480:
      Durch die Versiegelung des Bodens durch Wohnbebauung, Gewerbe- und Industriestandorte sowie Verkehrsflächen und damit verbundenen Drainage- und Kanalisationsvorrichtungen werden große Mengen an Niederschlagswasser nicht mehr dem Grundwasser zugeführt, sondern gelangen direkt in die oberirdischen Gewässer.
      Through the "sealing" of the ground by the construction of residences, trade- and industrial- sites, as well as road areas and their associated drainage- and sewage- channels, large quantities of precipitation no longer enter the groundwater, but rather flow directly into surface waters.
  5. a particular Christian sacrament
  6. (dated) verification, substantiation (of something)


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