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In a break from tradition, we're having a Solstice Competition this year. The idea of this competition is to get images added for senses that it's hard to find pictures for.

How it works[edit]

The competition will comprise a bunch of challenges. Each challenge will be put forth (posed) by one of the competitors, called its challenger. Each challenge will identify an English sense that lacks a picture illustrating it, and will be signed and dated (~~~~) by the challenger. Another competitor, called the respondent, adds a picture to the entry, illustrating that sense.

The competition will end at 24:00 [date to be determined] UTC. At the close of competition, whoever has the most points wins.

Some general rules[edit]

  • No one may respond to his own challenge.
  • No challenge may be made for an entry that already has a picture in its English-language section.
  • No two challenges may be made for different senses of the same word.
  • No challenge may be made for a form-of sense, alternate-spelling sense, or the like.
  • No one may respond to more than challenges if he has posed only n. (In particular, no one may respond to a challenge who has not posed one.)
  • Note to sysops: Although you have the technical ability to upload to Wiktionary, you should not: all uploads go to Commons. (That's a general rule, not just for this competition.)
  • All pictures added should comport with Wiktionary:Pictures.


  • Each challenge that is met on the first day (within 24 hours of the challenge) gives the challenger zero points and the respondent one point.
  • Each challenge met on the second day (24 to 48 hours after the challenge) gives the challenger one point and the respondent two.
  • And so on: each challenge met on the nth day gives the challenger points and the respondent n.
  • However, challenges met after the close of the contest (or never) do not yield points.
  • Challenges met by Commons pictures that Commons has a problem with (e.g., no license or nominated for deletion) will not count toward the awarding of points. Also, responses that the general consensus on this page agrees are inappropriate or do not properly illustrate the sense in question will not count toward the awarding of points; this is not expected to occur.
  • If Respondent A adds an image and then Respondent B adds a different image (before the competition ends) which the general consensus on this page agrees is a better response to the challenge than Respondent A's was, then A keeps his points, B gets points appropriate for his response minus A's points, and the challenger gets points equal to one less than A's.
    • For example, if A responds on the second day of the challenge and B on the fifth, then A gets two points, B gets three (five minus two), and the challenger gets one. If A and B are the same person, he gets five points, and the challenger gets one. (If A's response is deemed bad, though, as per the preceding rule, then it doesn't count, so the challenger in our example gets four points from B's response, while B gets five.)

The game[edit]

A humble strategy[edit]

Since there is no limit yet, I'd like to request images for all the entries in this list (except inflected forms, non-English entries and those that already have pictures). Thank you. --Daniel. 12:33, 22 June 2009 (UTC)

Hey, that was my way to cheat. But, to be fair, I was going to totally spam this page with 5,638,172 separate different bullets. Maybe it is best your way... I declare Daniel. the winner. Now the silver medal is up for grabs. --Jackofclubs 18:20, 22 June 2009 (UTC)