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Alternative forms[edit]


From New Latin abomāsum, from ab- (away from) + omāsum (tripe of a bullock).


  • (US) IPA(key): /ˌæb.oʊˈmeɪ.səm/
  • (file)


abomasum (plural abomasa or abomasums)

  1. (biology, food) The fourth or digestive compartment of the stomach of a cow or other ruminant, after the omasum;
    the lining of said compartment, considered as a foodstuff.
    Synonyms: rennet stomach, rennet bag, reed tripe
    Coordinate terms: omasum, reticulum, rumen
    • 1990, Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux, Animal Disease Occurrence, Volumes 11-14, page 60:
      The abomasa of sheep grazing on natural pastures in the highveld of Zimbabwe were examined at Mt. Hampden abattoir between October 1985 and September 1986 for H. contortus. Of 304 abomasa, 213 (70%) harboured H. contortus.
    • 1996 [1991, Ellis Horwood Limited], R. K. Robinson, A. Y. Tamime, Feta & Related Cheeses, Woodhead Publishing Limited, page 54,
      Traditionally, coagulation of the milk for Feta cheese manufacture was achieved using rennet produced by cheesemakers themselves from the abomasa of lambs and kids slaughtered before weaning.
    • 2002, Larry Engelking, Review of Veterinary Physiology, Teton NewMedia, page 328:
      Digesta, which are compressed inside the omasal body, are forced onwards into the abomasum by a gradually increasing and prolonged contraction of the omasal body (which starts after the first or second contraction of the omasal canal).
    • 2013 [1966], Robert E. Hungate, The Rumen and Its Microbes, Elsevier, →ISBN, page 162:
      In the newborn ruminant the abomasum is about as large as the rumen and remains relatively large as long as only milk is consumed (Brugnone, 1809).

Derived terms[edit]




ab- (away from) +‎ omāsum (tripe of a bullock).



abomāsum n (genitive abomāsī); second declension

  1. abomasum


Second-declension noun (neuter).

Case Singular Plural
Nominative abomāsum abomāsa
Genitive abomāsī abomāsōrum
Dative abomāsō abomāsīs
Accusative abomāsum abomāsa
Ablative abomāsō abomāsīs
Vocative abomāsum abomāsa


  • English: abomasum
  • Italian: abomaso
  • Malay: abomasum
  • Portuguese: abomaso
  • Spanish: abomaso



From New Latin abomāsum, from Latin ab- (away from) + omāsum (tripe of a bullock).



abomasum (Jawi spelling ابوماسوم, plural abomasum-abomasum, informal 1st possessive abomasumku, 2nd possessive abomasummu, 3rd possessive abomasumnya)

  1. Abomasum (fourth or digestive stomach of a ruminant)