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accolé (not comparable)

  1. (microbiology) crescent-shaped.
    • 2005, Mary Louise Turgeon, Clinical Hematology: Theory and Procedures, ISBN 0781750075, page 106:
      Sometimes the trophozoites are seen as crescent-shaped masses at the periphery of the erythrocyte (accolé forms ).
    • 2012, Patrick R. Murray, ‎Ken S. Rosenthal, & ‎Michael A. Pfaller, Medical Microbiology,with STUDENT CONSULT Online Access,7, ISBN 0323086926:
      Ring forms of Plasmodium falciparum. note the multiple ring forms and appliqué (accolé) forms within the individual erythrocytes, which is characteristic of this organism.
    • 2013, C. L. Dunn & ‎D. D. Pandya, The Chemistry and Bacteriology of Public Health, ISBN 1483195538, page 323:
      Accolé” ring forms (occasionally met with in benign and quartan infection) are very common in malignant malaria and are seen as minute faint blue semi-circles of cytoplasm on the margin of red cells, the chromatin dot being frequently seen on the free apex of the part of the red cell enclosed by the semi-circle.




accolé m (feminine singular accolée, masculine plural accolés, feminine plural accolées)

  1. past participle of accoler


accolé (feminine singular accolée, masculine plural accolés, feminine plural accolées)

  1. bracketed

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