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algid (comparative more algid, superlative most algid)

  1. (medicine) Cold, chilly; used of low body temperature especially in connection with certain diseases such as malaria and cholera.
    • 1875 March 15, J. C. Morgan, More on Typho-Malarial Fever, United States Medical Investigator, New Series, Volume 1, No. 6, page 261,
      [] with cold sweat, blueness, stupidity, no heat, no sort of reaction or remission, intense venous congestion in divers organs, getting steadily worse and worse, more and more algid, wet, and stupid, with death in thirty-six hours.
    • 2002, Eduardo Ibarro-Caldo, Chapter 8: Organizational paradoxes and business ethics: In search of new modes of existence, Stewart Clegg (editor), Management and Organization Paradoxes, page 268,
      The coldest, most algid moments of this savage industrialization, commanded by the Robber Barons (Josephson 1962), were featured in a recent book on the expansionary experience of the railroads, which by 1900, had already built 193,000 miles of track:
    • 2013, Troy Theisen, House of Dred, page 194,
      Having such a large amount of skin touching the glass (her feet and her rear) while it grew more and more algid was getting to be quite arrestive.

Derived terms[edit]







  1. second person plural imperative form of the negation verb
    • Renāte Blumberga, Tapio Mäkeläinen, Karl Pajusalu (2013), Lībieši: vēsture, valoda un kultūra, Rīga: Līvõ Kultūr sidām, →ISBN
      algid āndagid!
      don't give!
      algid likkõgid!
      don't move!
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