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  1. plural of api

Crimean Tatar[edit]



  1. prison




apis (a bee)

Alternative forms[edit]


Uncertain. Possibly from Egyptian bjt (honey bee). Proto-Indo-European *bʰi- reconstructible from Germanic and Balto-Slavic evidence gave Old English bēo (English bee), but would have entered the Latin then as the reduced form /af/ from /?fj/. Alternatively, one can assume modification of initial obstruent due to a taboo (common for Proto-Indo-European flora). Other theories speculate on Osco-Umbrian borrowing, from an original *akuis (sharp, stinging) (confer Latin aqui- (sharp) in aquifolius, aquilinus; Osco-Umbrian reflex of Proto-Indo-European labiovelar */kʷ/ that gives Latin <qu> is regularly /p/). Possibly from Proto-Indo-European *a(m)p-i- (stinging insect; bee), related to Saterland Frisian Ieme (bee), German Imme (bee; swarm of bees), Old English imbe (swarm of bees).



apis f (genitive apis); third declension

  1. A bee.
    • 2 CE, Ovid, Ars Amatoria 1.95
      aut ut apēs saltusque suos et olentia nactae / pascua per flōrēs et thyma summa volant
      or as the bees, when they have found plants to plunder of their honey, hover hither and thither among the thyme and the flowers


Third declension i-stem.

Case Singular Plural
nominative apis apēs
genitive apis apium
dative apī apibus
accusative apem apēs
ablative ape apibus
vocative apis apēs

Derived terms[edit]


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