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From at- +‎ art(to plow).




atart tr. or intr., 1st conj., pres. ataru, atar, atar, past ataru

  1. (perfective, corresponding to imperfective art vaļā) to open, to uncover (something) while/by plowing
    jāpadziļina vaga un jāpaaugstina rinda, bet jāatar kartupeļi‎ ― it was necessary to deepen the furrow and to raise the (planted) row, but it was necessary to plow the potatoes open
  2. to move away (toward some place) while plowing
    atart līdz tīruma malai‎ ― to plow away as far as the edge of the field
    atart līdz grāvim‎ ― to plow away toward, as far as the ditch
    mēs abi ar vagām normali gan, bet barons paliek ceļmalā... un gaida, mūs atarot‎ ― we both were doing OK with the furrows, but the baron stayed at the edge of the road... and waited, (while) we plowed away