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From the same stem as augt ‎(to grow), with an extra l, made into a masculine second-declension noun (ending -is).[1]




auglis m (2nd declension)

  1. fruit (vegetal structure that forms on a flower after fertilization to envelop the seeds)
    augļa apvalksfruit shell, skin
    No pupiņas zieda izveidojas auglis, pāksts ar vairākām sēklām — from the bean flowers a fruit formed itself, a pod with several seeds
  2. fruit (such structures when juicy and edible)
    salds auglis — sweet fruit
    augļu koksfruit tree
    augļu dārzs — orchard (lit. fruit garden)
    augļu ražafruit harvest
    dienvidi augļi — southern fruits
    augļu un ogu sulasfruit and berry juices
    augļu konservifruit preserves, canned fruit
    aizliegts auglis — forbidden fruit
  3. (embryology) fetus (mammalian organism between the embryonary stage and birth)
    augļa kustībasfetal movement
    uzturam grūtniecības laikā ir jāsatur visas augļa attīstībai vajadzīgas vielas — the diet during pregnancy must contain all the substances necessary to the development of the fetus
  4. (figuratively) result, consequence of an action, event, effort, etc.
    ilgstoša darba augļi — the fruits of long-term work
    fantāzijas auglis — the fruit of fantasy
    viņš saņēma tikai savas vieglprātības augļus — he only gathered the fruit of his recklessness (i.e., he lost his house)
  5. (economics, in the plural) interest, income from interest
    gada augļi — annual interest
    augļu augļi — compound interest (lit. interest of interest)
    ieguldītais kapitāls sāka nest augļus — the invested capital began to produce interest (lit. to bear fruit(s))



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