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From Latin auricula


auricula ‎(plural auriculae)

  1. (anatomy) The external part of the ear
  2. (anatomy) A small conical pouch projecting from either atrium of the heart
  3. (palynology) A pronounced thickening at the corner of a trilete spore, beyond the end of the laesura
  4. (horticulture, plural: auriculas) The ornamental primrose Primula auricula
    • 1919, Michael Wood, The White Island[1], page 122:
      Réné came on quietly, his trowel in one hand, some auricula roots in the other.


Related terms[edit]


Alternative forms[edit]


PIE root

From auris ‎(ear) +‎ -cula.



auricula f ‎(genitive auriculae); first declension

  1. The external part of the ear; ear-lap.
    • 54 BCE June 3, Marcus Tullius Cicero, in a letter to his brother Quintus:
      Tu, quemadmodum me censes oportere esse et in re publica et in nostris inimicitiis, ita et esse et fore auricula infima scito molliorem.
      Whatever line you think I ought to take in politics and in treating my opponents, be sure I shall take, and shall be "gentler than any ear-lap." — 1899-1912, Evelyn S. Shuckburgh, The letters of Cicero
  2. The ear itself.
    • 3rd–4th century CE, Appendix Probi:
      auris non oricla
      [Use] auris, not oricla.
  3. vocative singular of auricula

auriculā f

  1. ablative singular of auricula


First declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative auricula auriculae
genitive auriculae auriculārum
dative auriculae auriculīs
accusative auriculam auriculās
ablative auriculā auriculīs
vocative auricula auriculae


Derived terms[edit]


  • Spanish: aurícula
  • Vulgar Latin: oricla (see there for further descendants)


  • auricula” in Charlton T. Lewis & Charles Short, A Latin Dictionary, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1879.