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A marble sculpture of the Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle (384–322 b.c.e., whose work Prior Analytics contained an early discussion of the logical fallacy of begging the question. The sculpture, a copy of a lost 1st- or 2nd-century bronze statue by Lysippos, is in the collection of the Louvre in Paris, France.



begging the question (uncountable)

  1. A logical fallacy in which a premise of an argument contains a direct or indirect assumption that the conclusion is true; offering a circular argument; circular reasoning.
    It is an instance of begging the question to argue that God can only do good deeds because God is good.


begging the question

  1. (informal) present participle of beg the question.

Usage notes[edit]

In common usage, begging the question has recently become synonymous with “raising the question”; this usage is often proscribed.


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