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beigist (plural beigists)

  1. A dull, dogmatic, unoriginal person who uses stale language and platitudes, and disregards the eccentric, daring, decadent, or unusual; a humorless bourgeois.
  2. One who lacks charm, joie de vivre, blitheness, or self-expression. A bland, banal person.
  3. Politics: A political centrist or politically correct person, an unphilosophical adherent to the zeitgeist.


Dullard, bore, conformist, square, centrist, bourgeois.


Probably coined by the comedian and actor Billy Connolly, partly as an antonym to the word "colourful" as applied to people and partly in reference to the sickly impression given by the colour beige.

Also referred to in Billy Connolly's 2007 stand-up comedy DVD Billy Connolly Live - Was It Something I Said?


  • The New Yorker 17-NOV-2003: " Connolly is an instinctive disturber of the peace, an enemy of blandness -- of the beigists. "


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