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bi- +‎ cyclic


bicyclic (not comparable)

  1. Having two cycles.
  2. (chemistry) Having two rings of atoms in the molecule; the rings may be fused, as in naphthalene, or separate, as in biphenyl.
    • 2003, Journal of the American Chemical Society[1], volume 125, page 134:
      [] substitution of a carboxylate would be expected to destabilize the dritterionic mesomer that contributes to the singlet valence bond description as the benzyne geometry becomes more bicyclic.
    • 2006, PJ Fazen, LA Burke, “Theoretical studies of borazynes and azaborines”, in Inorganic chemistry, ACS Publications:
      These geometries are almost reversed in the triplets. The 1,3-borazyne (III) shows more bicyclic character than the corresponding m-benzyne
    • 2007, S Venkataramani, M Winkler, “Trifluoro‐1, 3, 5‐tridehydrobenzene”, in Angewandte Chemie, Wiley Online Library:
      On the basis of a comparison of calculated and measured IR data, the 2 B 2 state could undoubtedly be discarded in favor of a more bicyclic geometry

Related terms[edit]


bicyclic (plural bicyclics)

  1. (chemistry) A bicyclic compound.